Mom, I'm a Rapper

Last night I told my mom that I'm going to be a rapper
Because my tongue and wit are a hell lot faster
Than lil Wayne's complains about not enough hoes and too many bastards
And all that serious shit that's on Sirius XM that stemmed from the crapper
Because I can take the box out of b-box
Find inspiration from Ted talks
Lines in long walks down the pages of my diary
And Jimmy Ivoine would hire me
Because I'd actually look good in those low cut jeans
I'd build a quilt with seams and dreams rather than swag and do rags
I'd call the fearless stags instead of fags
And have bags under my eyes from spending my nights editing out lies
Turning on lights in the rooms where I'm most vulnerable
And I'd put you under a spell with the fact I could spell
Words tasty and swell
And my rap name would practically be the same
Ariel So Belle
Snow White
Because I've been awaken by the kiss of life
And my bar fights
Will be with ripping tights
Before my first sip
And from my lips will drip
Like how come
There's a statute of limitations for rape
We offer asylum but for thousands of refugees there's no escape
And we try to fix broken nations with tape
We shape our asses but not children
And when it comes to change we ask how instead of when
I'd spit a fit that would rearrange the strange and strangers
Put a new range on danger
I'd out rhyme Eminem and Lil Wayne
Throw a stake through Drake
And make Dre need a Doctor
Nicki Minaj would show her ass and I'd top her with some class
And explain to 2 Chainz that some dope shit runs through my veins
and he'd hand me the reins
as I got more out of Macklemore
and showed Ludacris the door
Because I won't bring you to your knees
But leave you on the floor
Shattered and sore
For my tongue has spun things as crazy as Amanda Bynes
And my heart has beat faster than the quickest Vines
And my rhymes are hotter than Ryan Gosling watching Titanic
We might not be at the disco but you better panic
Because I am the manic
and life may be evanescent and but I'll stay effervescent
Knock me down I'm convalescent
In the dark I'm incandescent
And I refuse to be quiescent
I am the next great rapper
You can't tap her
But tap into her
I'm pretty sure
That my mom would try to detour me from this path
Get me to study art or math
But hip hop needs and feeds me

And there's no way I'm going back.


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