Bringing Metaphors to Gunfights

You tell me I can't bring a metaphor to a gunfight
But my mouth does more than bite
I put the light into literature
Fight dicks with diction
Eclipse stones and sticks with fiction
Because I have an addiction to alliteration
A fixation on characterization
And I'll con you with my connotation 
Bring a catastrophe with my anastrophe
And damn I'm slam your hands with an anagram
Because I can't stand to use my fists
If you get me pissed I'll resist with a poetic list
And I'll twist our times into rhythm and rhymes
Remind you of your crimes and convict
Because I know my words can't prevent a punch to the face
But after the event they are my might and mace
They can't erase but they can misplace your power
Because I haven't faced defeat
Until I've drawn up an epilogue and conceit

My voice lasts longer than an attack
It derails your vile realism
Impales your narcissism
With a euphemism and a denotation
You might have mastered degradation
But I'm in a flirtation with verbal castration 
I've found salvation in narration
Dedication leads to a reformation of an altercation
And in publication I'm not a loser but an incarnation
Of using devastation as inspiration
Each poem is an amplification of my strength
Regardless of form or length 

This has a fist of irony
So go ahead, diss and be rude
I've got satire and mood
You'll get creamed in an stream of unconsciousness 
With each stanza and verse
I've slapped you with my poetic purse
And I don't need to rehearse being cold and terse
Adversity is life having diversity
This is the anniversary of the pain that will make you need some 
Oxy, moron
Because you're just synthetic
And I might stand silent but the only thing pathetic about me is my fallacies
I can take up any beef with biting motif
Any nemesis can face the gem that is my antithesis
Of what they think is right
Because tonight I'm bringing more than metaphors
To a gunfight.


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