Performance Art

We cluster around the table like knots at the end of a hairbrush
Mesmerized as we watch a girl
Douse herself with milk
Chanting moderately relevant mystical statements
We find meaning in the nothingness she has created
The potent ideas that we can’t find behind her
“performance art”
We are obsessed
For we are the elitists when it comes to other people’s pretension
Claiming ironically that we were
Just trying to be free
As we make the same bad decisions
We laugh at the kids with beanies
Because we are the true artists
Dressed like homeless people
Sipping tea with our laptops
We snarl at the hipsters
Declaring that we despise the phonies
As I coil my head with another band
And lust over boys with sweater-collared-shirt combos
We are too modern to be politically correct
And never afraid to shock ourselves with our own ideas
Empowered by the fact we rebelled against society
See we refuse to conform to your nonconformity
We ignited the revolution of normal
Sneaking into Spielberg screenings
Competing over who can pry into the psychology of our partner best
Our fights are when we shove the internal to the external
Arguments about narcissism and originality
We lie to each other
Display the character flaws we love about each other as vices
We define ourselves as the coolest uncool kids
Trampling on the toes of our faiths
I say Jesus is a false idol
You tell me that the only one who chose Jews was ourselves
I mix you liquid melodrama
And watch as you force it down
It never kicks in
We are living the placebo effect
Never connected to the series of stories that compose our lives
The world is just malleable material
That we churn in our minds
We want to be crazy
So we can post-analyze why and how we did it
Feel accomplished in our ability to live
Not because we mean it
We mock the liberal arts college idealist
And the NYU indie filmmaker
As you minor in philosophy
And I in resistance to genocide
Feeling superior because
Some list told us that the film school we attend
Is slightly more elite
We, the anti-hipster intellectuals
Claim to be the real artists

But we all know is performance


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