Lunatics Called Geniuses

If you were to diagnose me 
With the right form of insanity
It'd have to be creativity
There are voices in my head
I thread what they say
And that's not ok
I need some medication
For this sensation
Of obligation
Every time a line or rhyme
Wanders through me
I need to state
Or create a place for it
I don't have needles
But I constantly knit
Traits and quirks together
I listen to the rain
And claim it's the past speaking
Tweaking moments of my life 
Into instants of light
And there's no treatment in sight
Because I put prose in prozac
The riddle in riddlin
Every piece of advice becomes a device
that i try to spin
Into characters I treat as kin
Then place in a bin 
To use at my disposal
Until I can muster a proposal of place
A use to my taste
and I waste the pieces of my self I put on paper
I can't taper the taunts I hear in the wind
Because I think it's god tapping on my shoulder
Every boulder
Is a holder of secrets
I pretend I'm nature's Ryan Secrest
Obsessed with obtaining 
A way of narrating and explaining
The world that I'm just another member of
I accept only fantasies
Of life and love
Don't believe in stuff
Like ends and enough
The world's greatest profanity is humanity
And I wish you could hand it to me
So I could see some clarity
Because inspiration comes and stares and me
And I don't know what to say
It's that awkward elevator silence
That won't be silenced
Won't be sent away 
It likes to play within the caverns of my mind
Unwind my DNA
It's madness
The maddest madness
That I possess
And I can't address
The unrest
Cased within my bones
Thoughts about voices and tones
Trying to be the one who broke the phones
So I could hear the message
Because sometimes you have to make it unclear
To make it make sense
I'm getting tense
Because I don't know what I'm saying
Just playing with words
Hoping that some idiot is going to make sense of them
Squint their eyes hard enough to discover a gem
Find the amazing in my mania
Say there are lunatics called geniuses

And that I'm one of them.


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