Reality Ends Here

The West Coast has taught me that being a strong personality can be seen as a weakness
That to be liked more I've got to speak less
Not address the issues
Swallow tears and tissues
Confine the stress within my mind
Be dull and that's how you'll shine

But I can't find the key to lock myself in
You say I have no filter
But that's not the way I've been
There are secrets locked in a tomb
Instead I heave and thread some thoughts in my head
So the ones that can't leave have some room

And it's not an explosion even though you heard a boom
It's just the sound of my voice
The sound of my choice to live my life out loud
I've been told power is silence
Wordless scheming violence
But command is for those who have the courage to make themselves vulnerable
Who can hand you their secrets with no shame
Tell you their story but also their name
But California has just passed me passivity and the same

You tell me to be seen and not heard
But no one will look at you if you don't have the courage to call out their name
I can't hum the sum of the same
It's good to drum your feet to your own beat
But what if mine is my own flame
I'm told being big and bold should cause me shame
What if I'm supposed to speak my life story
Put out my private parts and don't let the world ignore me
Don't give a shit if what I spit makes you deplore me
There is beauty in the beast 
Who's not afraid to step on toes
Who doesn't make a scene but puts on whole shows
Doesn't show up but actually goes there
Doesn't care if they snap or snare
Because Los Angeles if reality starts here
I'm still living in the fantasy
And if the crowd abandons me
I'll feel safe and have faith in my friends
Because there's no isolation when your world opens
No hole when your heart extends
So Hollywood bring your best weapons

Because I'm the freak
Who'll speak
Kiss life on the cheek
Cry and not be weak
Sigh as I shriek
Change but not tweak
Flood never leak
I am not meek
I am unique
And my mystique
You critique
But it's beautiful all the same
Because I'm strong and a personality
The dry hurricane.


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