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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My First Time

I unlock the hotel room door 
And immediately thrust my jacket on the floor
As I wander into the bedroom
My dress wanders over my head
Leaving me and my unmentionables
Staring at him
My breath is out of control
There seems not to be enough oxygen to sate my lungs
As several questions linger in my head

How hard is he?
Is he really as big as he looks?
Have there been many before me?

He looks stunning
Wrapped in my sheets
Fluid like a sea of crimson
His frame is perfection
There is no section I don't want to meet
With every part of me
From my head to feet
I bite my lips
Glance down
And then once again at him
Knowing it will be hours until I can look away
Am I ready for this?
There must be more to do
I search for a guarantee that I'm prepared
But none comes
I have other obligations
But I want this
I'm not going to twiddle my thumbs for another moment

So I dive into him, my bed
Who else?
To sleep
For the first time in weeks.

Note: this poem is complete fiction.

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