Love Market

The things that are the hardest to attain
Are the most valuable.

That’s why we go for the married woman
Or the guy who can see anyone but you
It’s not that we crave the forbidden fruit
We just want the one on the most distant branch.

Love is the greatest form of metaxy
We want to cross the boundaries
We believe we can
Because the impossible is what we deserve.
I really believe that.
That we shouldn’t be constricted by the setting
Or our beloved’s status or heart
We should get the girl who moved across the mountains
Who had the courage not to say goodbye
And the boy who is dating your best friend
Even if the bond will be fugacious.

I’m tired of settling.

I want the person who ignites an instantaneous spark
Not the friend that grows on you
 The one who’s beautiful—not attractive.
I yearn to be the damsel in the novels
Because it’s too painful being the one who writes them.
I have so much love to relinquish
I’ll exchange it for a form of affection
Measurable only in jewels
The one that I would have sever cites and souls
Evaporate oceans and ozone
To grasp.

The most potent love stories
Are also the most tragic.
Helen wouldn’t be so alluring
If you didn’t have to submerge a thousand Trojan ships
To cradle her in your arms
Juliet’s death—the fact that this was the price for Romeo’s idiotic lips
That devastation
Makes their love so radiant
That it is eternally preserved in allusions like these.

My mother always told me
That supermodels have the hardest time with men.
I think she meant it
To signify how I didn’t need a lover to justify my beauty
But now I truly comprehend it.
Models know they are worthwhile
They are vessels of desire
They are the ones who allow designer items to sell for thousands
Not the embroidered seal.
They maintain dignity
And comprehend that their hearts deserve only precious accompaniment.
So they battle for the men they can never conquer.
I’m just like them.
No, I’m not six feet tall
And my hips are so big you can probably get a GPS image of them off Google maps
I certainly don’t have perfect eyes or skin
But I have retained a sense of faith in myself
The belief that I am strong and entitled
So just like the models
I’m going to terminate my existence
On an empty runway
Everybody looking
But no one really seeing
The product I’m desperately trying to sell.


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