Will You Be My Valentine?

So I’m sitting here
Fitting here
About how I’m not fitting in
And what a sin it is
That I don’t have a Valentine
Then some insight comes
And sneaks up behind me
Then I begin to see something
A reality
This day is our way of celebrating
The things we love in our world
Now I’m an often rejected single girl
With no designated boy to thrust my festive affections towards
But I have hoards of things I love
So in the spirit of single awareness day
I’m going to say a proposal
To all the things I adore in this world
The things I want to explore
Like the photograph of my best friend with a mustache
My sister’s secret chocolate stash
The moment when I get the final lash perfect with my mascara
The fact that someone once told me I look like Scarlett Johansson
Not O’Hara
 Or how heartbreak seems to create the best poetry
And to me it’s no longer a tragedy
I love when my profile picture gets over fifty likes
And how it causes my confidence to shift in spikes
Or when I find a perfect word or quote
Or see a perfect sunset or boat
And think to myself
Someone should put a movie here
Or create a scene
And then the rays of sunlight begin to beam down on me
And now I can see that my hair will look nicer tomorrow
Because it’s blonder
And gentlemen prefer blondes
And I’m fond of that and all the things Marilyn Monroe has said
I love getting an extra fifteen moments in my bed
Or an exceptional thought in my head
Or when more than one person says I look good
On the same day
Now don’t think I’m superficial
I’m really not that way
But I just want to be beautiful
Inside and out
And I love to shout something amazing
Like achievement or conquest
Or the name of the boy with which I’m currently obsessed
Or that I’m okay
When he requests that another girl escorts him to prom
I love my mom
And when my stepdad acts like my real dad
And then I have no reason to be sad
For the disparities in my life
Because there is so much clarity
Speaking of clear
I adore when my road steers in an exotic direction
Or when a teacher tells me my answer is perfection
I love feeling inspired
And kindling a new fire
Or the hugs we give at the end of a party
When teachers couldn’t care less if I’m tardy
And let me go to the bathroom just so I can rehearse
A series of expressions
I treasure one of my best friends
And his impressions
Of the crazy female teachers we have
Or simply to laugh
Especially at my own jokes with other people
 Because that means I’ve sprinkled some joy
I love when I’m at a speech tournament
And some boy hits on me
Or makes too much eye contact
Or when my lab results turn out to be exact
And I don’t have to do half of the work
I’m enchanted by the moment I show up a jerk
Or when a good memory decides to lurk around a depressing one
I love when I’m able to quickly move on
From that jerk who led me on in a marathon
Of text messages and such
And I’m obsessed with fudge
Or when I feel like I have the perfect amount of pudge
Or wearing high heels to school
And no one gives a damn about it
Or saying something that impresses everyone by my wit
When someone pulls the lever
Starting the clever version of my self
I love how in movies they sneak up on each other with such stealth
And just kiss
When in real life that would result in a fist 
I cherish a belt that perfectly fits my hips
Or when I despumate the chap off my lips
Or the sound my jacket makes when it zips
When I’m the enigma
When there's no stigma about single mothers
When I have reason to be glad I have no brothers
When I reject the opinions of others
I love these elements
Creations like experience and time
So if you are any of the things listed above
Will you be my Valentine?


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