Love and Other Drugs

There are 2 things I don't take
1) Drugs
2) Boys who don't treat me right.
You've proven to be both.

I was addicted to you
You pumped through my veins
Driving me insane
Making everything plain in relation
You were a deviation 
From the things of natural creation
I normally consumed
I smoked you and your fumes devoured me
Along with all the clarity
And self control I once had
You were a drug
And you had me bad
Investing my days to obtain you
Averting my gaze to refrain you
Down my avenue
So now you want to grab and adore me
After you stabbed and ignored me
After I let you explore me
And floor me
You cannot grasp my waist
You cannot look at this face
Because it will just be another thing you'll displace
You're nothing
But something
That needs to be replaced
Because you are in my space
We were once in a three legged race
And you crossed the finish line without me
So don't doubt me
I am the independent 
Descendant of Artemis and Hermes
I'm going to shoot you down and fly away
Smirk as you drown
As your clothes begin to fray
Because you submerged me
Held my hand and begged me to stay
Then asked someone else to prom
And I'm not going to watch this love marathon
Of how you lead me on
Then leave me in a forgotten alley
I'm trying to rally all the strength I've stored
To avoid this hoard of regret
How upset I am that I let myself get hurt
By consuming you
And thinking your benefits were worth
The turns of turmoil you delivered
How your symptoms were pains and shivers
Making my work mere quivers of their predecessors
I don't know who dealt you 
But I want a return
Because you are unacceptable
And for girls like me who are respectable
There are 2 things we don't take
You were both
And my greatest mistake.


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