Don't Contract Me, I'm a Lethal Lover

I will eat your soul
And spit out your lungs
So you can no longer inhale
Anything else

I will tap into your straits of blood
And leave you empty
You will wander through life
Clenching your core
Afraid that when you release your grip
The framework of your body
Will tumble
Because I am not a woman you mess with
I am an ailment
I decide if you survive
If your organs collide
My symptoms can be sweet
But if you are not
I will conquer your form

I am lethal
A mix of hips and cyanide
And if you contract me
Use me
Abuse me
Or take me for a ride
I will abide by the laws of us infections
Ripping you from a direction
Leaving your corpse with nothing
But the sight of its shattered reflection
Because you uprooted every road
Reclaimed every gift you bestowed
And I'm telling you to give back
The moments you've stolen from me
Pretending to be
Someone--something else
We were nothing but a game and you beat me hard
Leaving me with welts
And I refuse to be another notch in your belt
I'm the rip that will tear it in half
I'm Listerine
Because your mouth needs a bath
For it has been polluted by lies
Giving out unnecessary highs
And forming more than ties
But bonds
I'm still bound to you
And I can't tell my teachers I'm late because you lost the keys to my cage
So I'm forced to convert my affection into rage
I've become a disease
That infects every page
With overly personal poetry
Unsure what you know of me
Only that my love is lethal
And by sampling it
You are not granted a vaccine
Merely a biological machine
That will destroy you
What you've performed and seen
Leave you crimson on the green
Sweltering in your own sin
Unsure of if what you contracted is me
Or just the heart of another girl where you've been.


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